Vintage vs Modern Record Players

vintage blue record playerI love photographing beautiful, vintage record players. Something about it just brings me back to an era of elegance and jazz. When it comes to the big brands of record players, Audio-Technica is generally much more well known especially in the world of vinyls. Crosley record players are more suited to old fashioned music listeners who prefer simplicity and who appreciate vintage items. Most of their record player are vintage styled, and often come in the shape of suit-cases or radio players, as opposed to the sleek, modern versions that are made available by Audio-Technica. In fact, most DJs use Audio-Technica turntables in clubs and music events all over the world. One of the most popular turntable models would be the SL-1200MK2.


Most people don’t realize how expensive it gets when it comes to record players. Tweaking and customizing your very own record player to suit your preferences can be a very expensive hobby. Even if you disregard the amplifier cost, you’d still have to purchase a set of powerful speakers along with the turntable itself. A very good turntable can cost upwards of $1,000 assuming you don’t spend even more on the additional cartridges or stylus that can make your music listening experience even better. That, coupled with the fact that a single vinyl can cost up to $40, will shoot up your cost of the entire package to even $2,000.